Shannon Michelle

Shannon Michelle is an interior designer who specializes in residential, commercial, and hospitality design. Shannon started her career designing furniture. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to open her first retail store on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood at the age of 22. Her inventive and hands-on approach to furniture design inspired her customers and brought success as she expanded and opened another store in Santa Monica. Customers became clients as Shannon made her organic transition into the design world.

“I walk into a space and it immediately speaks to
me. My creative goal is to balance the voice of
the property with the desires of the client.”

Inner Living by Shannon Michelle is a full-service interior design firm located in Santa Monica, CA. Shannon has projects spanning the West Coast, to Colorado, Wyoming, Chicago, New York and she has recently opened a satellite office in New Orleans. Inner Living recognizes the importance of collaboration in the successful completion of a project and they continue to be inspired by the hard work and creative contributions of a wide array of artisans.

“As the interior design world is constantly
evolving, we are no longer confined by old
sensibilities of design.”

There are no boundaries when it comes to what is pleasing or what is right.